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Compu-Park SA initially offered only cylindrical automated car parking systems.  We soon realized our inability to fully meet our clients’ requirements and introduced rectangular and hydraulic parking systems.  However, while the latter allowed us to offer a greater variety, they were still not able to meet the demands imposed by strict City officials, Traffic Engineers and property developers, namely:

  • Cycle times;
  • Capacity;
  • Efficient space utilization.

Existing automated high-capacity parking systems rely on dated car elevator technology to transfer vehicles between the entrance enclosure and the parking levels.  This technology handles one car at a time - equal to 20-30 cars per entrance per hour - making it unsuitable for locations with peak AM/PM traffic.  In our experience, the slow throughput has been a major stumbling block when proposing automated parking solutions to developers, City officials and traffic engineers in South Africa.

The market response soon showed that automated car parking will not be considered unless it can meet or exceed user demand during peak times.  To address the above we recently partnered with Technovation Precision Engineering - a South African company - to develop a modular parking system which addresses the limitations of existing automated parking systems, thereby placing us at the forefront of global car parking technology.  In this system cars are stacked side by side - similar to containers at a container depot - and shifted by a proprietary vehicle handling system able to move multiple cars simultaneously, where required we also incorporate our Vertical Vehicle Conveyor in the design.

Where required, Compu-Park™ Modular Technology allows us to incorporate automated modular storage units in our parking solutions.  While existing self-storage depots require a large amount of space, the stacking of our storage units is once again similar to containers at a container depot, with the relevant storage unit being brought to the loading area when required.  All units can therefore be accessed from a single point, providing ultimate security and the maximum amount of storage in the smallest possible space.

Compu-Park™ Modular Technology offers unmatched Parking Ratios:

  • Conventional Ramped Car Parking: 28m² to 40m² per car;
  • Existing Automated Car Parking Technology: 24m² to 27m² per car;
  • Compu-Park™ Modular Technology: 15m² to 22m² per car.

Compu-Park™ Modular Technology will be applied to projects where:

  1. Land costs are high;
  2. Loading times must be reduced to a minimum;
  3. Maximum commercial use must be made of limited land;
  4. Maximum parking must be provided in the smallest available space.

Benefits of Compu-Park™ Modular Technology over existing automated parking technology:

  • Modular technology does not use space-consuming vehicle stackers to move vehicles horizontally and vertically throughout the system.
  • An average modular system can handle 6 cars per entry lane at once;
  • Conventional systems handle one car per stacker at a time.
  • An average module holds 120-130 cars;
  • Conventional systems are designed around 60-70 cars per stacker.
  • An average module can be filled/emptied in 20-30 minutes;
  • Conventional 60-70 car systems handle one car every 2-3 minutes, requiring approximately 3 hours to fill/empty.

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