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Property developers and architects perceive car parking as a necessary evil.  While sufficient car parking must be provided, conventional multi-level car parking consumes valuable space which could be dedicated to commercial use. 

Compu-Park SA (Pty) Ltd was established in 2009 with the intention of introducing automated car parking technology to South Africa.  This technology offers property developers a space-saving parking alternative, thereby increasing their project’s development potential, especially within shrinking inner cities.

We evaluated several international technology providers, initially partnering with Eito&Global Inc. in Japan.  We soon added Simmatec (South Korea) and Mutrade (China) to our list of technology providers.  Our latest technology partner is Technovation Precision Engineering (South Africa/Australia), with whom we will jointly be designing solutions based on modular car parking and storage technology.

Several of our leading parking proposals can be viewed under "Project Proposals".

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