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1. Our Compu-Park™ Modular Technology addresses major limitations of existing automated car parking systems available on the global market:

  • The average existing automated car parking system accommodates 1 car per entry lane (or 20-30 cars per hour).  Our average modular parking system accommodates up to 6 cars per entry lane (or 3-6 cars per minute).
  • The average existing automated car parking system allocates 60-70 cars to one stacker, requiring ±3 hours to fill/empty the system.  Our average modular system accommodates 120-130 vehicles and can be emptied/filled in 20-30 minutes.

2. Our Compu-Park™ Modular Technology is globally unique and offers customers the following:

  • Rapid cycle times;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Improved parking ratios;
  • Superior technology;
  • Integrated automated storage modules (where required).

3. As can be seen above, Compu-Park™ Modular Technology offers several benefits in locations where a high parking capacity must be matched by quick cycle times.

4. Each parking solution is designed to meet specific client, site and project requirements.  Furthermore, as a small consultancy specializing in automated car parking and storage solutions your project represents a larger share of our business than it will for a larger company.  We will therefore respond with commitment and gratitude.

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