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Welcome To Compu-Park SA, founded in 2009 to introduce automated car parking technology to South Africa.

We offer standard and custom-designed automated car parking solutions!

Brief Parking Ratio Comparison:

  • Conventional Ramped Car Parking:  28 - 40m²/car due to ramps and lanes.
  • Existing High-Capacity Automated Car Parking Technology:  24 - 27m²/car.

Compu-Park's Modular Automated Car Parking Technology: 

  • 16 - 24m²/car due to extremely efficient stacking and shifting technology.
  • Conventional car conveyors transfer one car at a time, our patented Vertical Vehicle Conveyor transfers as many cars as there are floors, at the same time.  The following shows an early version of our Vertical Vehicle Conveyor.
  • An average 120-130-car module can be emptied/filled in 25-30 minutes (excluding the time to drive into the enclosure and exit the vehicle).

It's now possible to expand a shopping mall and increase the parking capacity, by reducing the conventional on-deck parking.

Our pofessional team custom-designs your automated car parking solution to suit your project, please contact us for further info.

Compu-Park™ - Raising Car Parking to New Heights™

Park it. Leave it. Retrieve it.™

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