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Between August 2011 and October 2013 we conducted a preliminary study on an underutilized railway corridor 20km outside the Cape Town CBD.  The site’s location was ideal: excellent access roads; close to freeways leading to the CBD, surrounding business hubs and the airport.

While we focussed on the layout of the mixed-use component and parking solution – including traffic flow, entrances/exits, providing the maximum amount of parking in the smallest available space – we worked closely with dhk architects and our professional partners to include a high-tech conveyor car wash, premium retail, office and residential space to benefit tenants and 6,000 – 8,000 anticipated commuters daily.

While this project would have a dramatic impact on AM and PM traffic congestion on the N1 - bringing immeasurable savings in time and temper - negotiations stalled due to ownership issues relating to De Grendel station.

Scroll through the header images to see the proposed De Grendel project from various angles (note: due to size limitations the header image will not show on a smartphone).

Project value: ±R1.3billion

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