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Victoria Road, Clifton, Cape Town

We were approached by the Consulting Engineers to propose an automated parking solution for their client, and briefed as follows:

To propose an automated car parking solution for a site where the developer plans to retain and modify the existing house, add existing apartments and provide automated parking for 70-90 high-end luxury cars and classics within the building, to be used primarily by tenants during the holiday period.

We considered the following in our proposal:

  • Victoria Road becomes extremely busy during the holiday season;
  • Entering and exiting the parking should be possible without adding to traffic congestion;
  • Cars entering the parking should not be obstructed by cars leaving the parking;
  • Full redundancy in case one of the systems fails;
  • Fast parking/retrieval times.

We proposed the following:

Utilizing our modular car parking technology we were able to provide parking for 80 vehicles, including SUVs.

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