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Residential/Commercial Development, Beach Road, Mouille Point

We were approached to suggest an automated underground parking solution for a planned restaurant and residential block  in Mouille Point, Cape Town.  Automation was being considered due to the rocky substrate, the high excavation costs and the increased capacity automation could provide on fewer levels.  

The brief was as follows:

  • 23m x 15.7m site (360m²);
  • To improve on the planned parking offering only 28 spaces on 3 underground levels (achieved with conventional multi-deck parking) – 38.57m² per car.  Of the required 28 parking bays, the majority were allocated to the restaurant. 
  • Speedy entry/exit times to eliminate congestion.

Utilizing our new Modular Technology we presented several options, ranging from 30-44 parking spaces.  The following was considered the most suitable:

  • 30 vehicles (sedans and SUVs), 2 levels, 15 vehicles/level, 24m²/car;
  • Vehicles can shift independently on each level;
  • 1 entrance/exit;
  • 1 high-speed doors to prevent congestion at the entrances;
  • 1 Vertical Vehicle Conveyor to supply and retrieve cars to the individual levels;
    • While car lifts only process one car at a time, the Vertical Vehicle Conveyor is unique in that several cars can be processed simultaneously (as soon as the first car is lowered the next car can access the conveyor).  
  • 2 turntables (one per level) – vehicles are thus able to exit the system facing forwards.

While full automation was promoted intensely by our engineering partner and the client’s architect, the developer chose to proceed with the initial conventional parking/car lift solution.  The site borders Beach Road where ample parking would be available for prospective restaurant users.  It was felt few patrons would actually park inside the building, therefore not justifying the additional cost of automation.

Project Value: ±R8 million.


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