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Highlights of the system were as follows:

  • 4 independent modules:
    • 17 vehicles per module;
    • 12 additional parking bays adjacent to the turntable/Vertical Vehicle Conveyor(3 bays each on L1, L2, L3 and L4).
  • Side-shift mechanism between modules to provide full redundancy in case one of the modules should fail;
  • 2 x entrances/exits, each fitted with Efaflex high-speed doors;
  • 2 x turntables, 1 in each enclosure. Each turntable incorporates a Vertical Vehicle Conveyor from Ground to Level -4, allowing 5 cars to be rotated simultaneously during storage, or retrieval;
    • The 2 Vertical Vehicle Conveyors are capable of transporting multiple cars simultaneously;
      •  The two entrances and Vertical Conveyors act as a buffer to prevent traffic build-up in Victoria Road. The Vertical Conveyor drops as soon as a driver exits his car, allowing the next car to drive on.
      • Two entrances also allow one car to enter while another is exiting.
  • Automated cocoon system to completely enclose and dust-proof each vehicle;
    •  CO² fire prevention system integrated into each cocoon.
  • The option of a mobile phone app to interface with the system, allowing users to queue their cars remotely, thereby further speeding up retrieval once on site;
  • Extremely fast cycle times;
  • Locally designed, manufactured and supported.

Project Value: ±R60 million.

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