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Compu-Park™ Modular Technology offers unmatched Parking Ratios:

  • Conventional Ramped Car Parking: 28m² to 40m² per car;
  • Existing Automated Car Parking Technology: 24m² to 27m² per car;
  • Compu-Park™ Modular Technology: 15m² to 22m² per car.

Compu-Park™ Modular Technology will be applied to projects where:

  1. Land costs are high;
  2. Loading times must be reduced to a minimum;
  3. Maximum commercial use must be made of limited land;
  4. Maximum parking must be provided in the smallest available space.

Benefits of Compu-Park™ Modular Technology over existing automated parking technology:

  • Modular technology does not use space-consuming vehicle stackers to move vehicles horizontally and vertically throughout the system.
  • An average modular system can handle 6 cars per entry lane at once;
  • Conventional systems handle one car per stacker at a time.
  • An average module holds 120-130 cars;
  • Conventional systems are designed around 60-70 cars per stacker.
  • An average module can be filled/emptied in 20-30 minutes;
  • Conventional 60-70 car systems handle one car every 2-3 minutes, requiring approximately 3 hours to fill/empty.

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