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Utilizing our new modular automated technology we presented two possible options:  

Option 1:

  • One entrance/exit on the same side street;
  • Conventional parking on Ground for 21-22 vehicles - possibly for Retail (if required, additional Retail parking in the automated section - randomly allocated by the system);
  • 10 entrances/exits on Ground to the automated parking below;
  • ±307 vehicles in the automated section below Ground - dependent on column placement;
  • Motorcycle/bicycle parking on Ground;
  • Stepped excavation to reduce excavation depth;
  • Cars rotated to face forward before retrieval;
  • The option of a mobile phone app to interface with the system, allowing users to queue their cars remotely, thereby further speeding up retrieval once on site;
  • Stepped excavation: 3.10m, 7.90m, 9.60m.

Total parking: ±328 vehicles.

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