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Using our modular technology, we proposed the following:

  • The main entrance/exit remains in the side street.
  • Ground, LB1 and LB2 remain unchanged (conventional on-slab parking):
    • 31 bays allocated to SUVs.
  • P1, reached via the existing ramp, becomes the base for the modular parking system accommodating ±243 vehicles (subject to column placement and accurate CAD drawings).
    • Possibly retaining 4 x conventional bays on P1.
    • 8 x entrances/exits to the automated system on P1.
    • Marginal changes to Lobby/Retail ceiling heights and repositioning of lift shaft and stairwell.
    • High-speed Efaflex doors at the building entry/exit to eliminate possible congestion.

Total Parking Capacity: ±274-278 vehicles (including 31-35 conventional on-slab bays).

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