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He is currently also the Technical Director of Compu-Homes SA (Pty) Ltd where he developed the designs leading to the conversion of the alternative Compu-Homes™ building concept from timber to lightweight steel frames.  He also introduced and implemented thermophilic composting at one of their largest Binlet™ composting toilet sites in Malawi, where almost 400 toilets are currently in service.

He was responsible for diagnosing the local traffic/parking problem, researching various international automated parking systems and choosing Simmatec International (South Korea), Mutrade (China) and Technovation Engineering (South Africa/Australia) as our automated parking technology partners.  He also played a crucial role in the extensive and successful negotiations with the manufacturers, subsequently leading to the forming of Compu-Park SA (Pty) Ltd to market, manufacture and maintain their products.

Many of the planned parking solutions for SA are the result of his extensive research and long-term vision.

One of his short-term goals is to become fluent in Korean, which will enhance an already positive business relationship with our partners.

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