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The directors of Compu-Park SA (Pty) Ltd are innovative and broadminded; our technical background allows us to embrace technology and recommend novel ways to benefit our planet and community:

In 1986 our sister company Compu-Homes SA (Pty) Ltd developed the futuristic Compu-Homes™ energy-efficient building concept; In the early 1990s Compu-Homes SA developed the Binlet™ waterless composting sanitation system.


Ralf arrived from Germany in 1970, attended the German Schools in Pretoria and Cape Town, then Wynberg Boys Junior and High Schools, matriculating from Cape Town High School in 1982.

His passion for technology prompted him to enrol for a 4-year apprenticeship, specializing on Jaguar, Rover and Range Rover, qualifying as an ‘A’ Grade artisan after three-and-a-half years.  National Service followed after which he held the position of Technical Translator (Daimler Benz Division) with Atlantis Diesel Engines (ADE).  He also pursued a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at CPUT.  Despite receiving several distinctions, unforeseen personal circumstances forced him to terminate these studies.

Ralf’s inquiring mind subsequently led to him establishing his own IT consultancy which he managed for 10 years, supplying computer hardware, software and providing support.  Several loyal longstanding clients are still being supported, many remotely due to advances in Internet connectivity speeds.

He is currently also the Technical Director of Compu-Homes SA (Pty) Ltd where he developed the designs leading to the conversion of the alternative Compu-Homes™ building concept from timber to lightweight steel frames.  He also introduced and implemented thermophilic composting at one of their largest Binlet™ composting toilet sites in Malawi, where almost 400 toilets are currently in service.

He was responsible for diagnosing the local traffic/parking problem, researching various international automated parking systems and choosing Simmatec International (South Korea), Mutrade (China) and Technovation Engineering (South Africa/Australia) as our automated parking technology partners.  He also played a crucial role in the extensive and successful negotiations with the manufacturers, subsequently leading to the forming of Compu-Park SA (Pty) Ltd to market, manufacture and maintain their products.

Many of the planned parking solutions for SA are the result of his extensive research and long-term vision.

One of his short-term goals is to become fluent in Korean, which will enhance an already positive business relationship with our partners.


Gwen attended St Joseph’s School in Aliwal North and then completed her High School studies at Carr’s Commercial College in Pretoria in 1984.

In 1985 Gwen joined the corporate sector as a junior secretary.  Her diligence, inquiring mind and professional manner soon saw her being appointed as the executive PA to the CEO of a blue-chip hardware corporation.

During this period Gwen realized her passion for analyzing, building and testing automated equipment.  She diligently pursued this path and subsequently obtained diplomas in both Business Analysis and Information Systems Project Management whilst employed as a Specialist in her field by one of South Africa’s largest networking and communications companies.

Gwen played a major role in the structuring of Compu-Park SA.  She intends drawing on her expertise to realize Compu-Park SA’s vision of revolutionizing local parking technology.

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